About me

I am a casual gamer who also like to run or be part of events and projects. The name "Promise" is actually from a JavaScript reference, JavaScript uses promises as a "wait, I'm getting the information for you". I'm from Norway, although I'm not a Viking. My favourite thing about myself is that I am myself and can be myself forever because being yourself is your main task in life. I got my first computer when I was four years old but it had a lot of parental control, so the only thing I really could do was play golf ... although I had to get a password for that as well. My favourite colour is dark green although other dark colours work as well. My inspiration (as well as dreams, tasks to do, appointments etc) is often forgettable so I keep a notebook in my back pocket at any times. Still, I often forget so if I forget something for you, let me know!

Projects I own or contribute in


A Discord bot that can manage a counting channel in your guild!

Check it out!

A Discord bot that can give you a role when you enter a specific voice channel. (giving the opportunity to link it with a text channel)

Check it out!

A "Never Have I Ever" Discord bot with a voting system and over 500+ different questions in multiple categories. Now with language support!

Check it out!

My private Discord server for support. Come and say hi!

Project Blurple

Project Blurple is a community-run project celebrating Discord's anniversaries.

Discord Discord RPC

Show where you're chatting for everyone to see! You don't want them to think you have secrets, do you?

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