Nevrevr is a simple "Never Have I Ever"-bot with over 500+ questions in multiple categories.

No setup required! Just add the bot using this link!


There are different purposes:

  • Friends can know each other better with these questions.
  • There is also a dirty category, for those who want to know all the dirty secrets your friends hide.


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If you're super pecky about giving bots permissions, read this first!

  • Read Messages
    • A basic permission that you should allow everyone to have. It needs to look for commands.
  • Send Messages
    • Another basic permission. It requires to respond to the commands.
  • Embed Links
    • It's using embeds to look snazzy.
  • Add Reactions
    • The voting system is reaction-based.
  • Use External Emojis
    • The voting system utilize custom emojis.

Translate the bot

The bot support different languages! If you want to contribute, join the support server!


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Keep in mind!

  • The only information we store in our systems are:
    • Number of votes on a question.
    • Global questions asked (for the activity of the bot)
  • By using our bot you also agree that changes can be made and downtime can occour.


A 'Never Have I Ever'-bot with a voting system and over 500+ different questions in multiple categories. Now with language support!