Voicr is a simple voice channel role system and can be set up in 4-5 simple steps, explained.

  1. Add the bot using this link.
  2. Make a voice channel (for example Main Voice), or use an existing channel.
  3. Make a role (for example Connected to Main Voice), or use an existing role.
  4. (Following the example) Type v!enable Main Voice | Connected to Main Voice.
  5. (Optional, following the example) Make a text channel (for example #main-voice-context), or use an existing channel and allow the role (Connected to Main Voice) to talk in the channel.
That's it!


There are different purposes:

  • Guild administrators can restrict users in a voice channel to talk in a text channel.
  • Prevents the main chat to be flooded with random sh1t connected to the voice channel.


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If you're super pecky about giving bots permissions, read this first!

  • Read Messages
    • A basic permission that you should allow everyone to have. It needs to look for commands.
  • Send Messages
    • Another basic permission. It requires to respond to the commands.
  • Manage Roles
    • It needs to give the role to the user. Duh.


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Keep in mind!

  • You need to be undeafened to have the role.
  • The only information we store in our systems are:
    • The voice channel ID
    • The role ID
    • Global voice channels (for the activity of the bot)
    • By using our bot you also agree that changes can be made and downtime can occour.


A bot that can give you a role when you enter a specific voice channel. (giving the opportunity to link it with a text channel)